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Africans and Africa in the Bible

Author: Tim Welch

Africans have played a part in the story of God and his people from Abraham and Hagar or Joseph’s stay in Egypt all the way through to the Ethiopian eunuch and the early church’s missionary efforts –to name a few more familiar instances. This book identifies all instances of Africans and Africa in the Bible to highlight how God included Africa in his purposes. It enlightens the reader about their African heritage in the Bible to encourage African ownership of the biblical history instead of viewing Christianity as an imported religion.

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Following Jesus

An African Journey through Luke

You’ve heard his name but perhaps you wonder who Jesus is and why he matters. In this resource you will discover answers to those questions from a uniquely African perspective. This pocket-size edition of the Holy Bible Gospel of Luke includes special notes from the Africa Study Bible. It explains Jesus’s story, what he did, why he’s important, and how you can follow him today.

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